Real Money Poker at Merge Network (Carbon Poker)
  • download real money poker carbonName -  Carbon Poker
    Age -  6 years
    Type -  Private company
    Market - Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia (YES USA access)
    Traffic - average 1200 cash players 
    Table Graphics 9.4 / 10
    Software Reliability  9.9 / 10  (uptime 99.999%)
    Security (anti hacking collusion detection) N/A too early to tell)
    Customer service - 8.1 / 10
    Deposits - Visa Neteller Moneybookers, Bank Wire, E-Checks, Debit more..
    Cashouts - Check Direct Deposit Visa Debit more..
    Feerolls Bonus 9.4 / 10

     Overall Carbon Poker rating 8.3 / 10    online real money poker  

  • Carbon Poker is one of a few sites currently offering USA players real money online poker games. The problem is the US government doesn't seem to know if online poker is legal or not. On the one hand they claim that citizens playing poker are not breaking any laws but on the other hand, they placed strict restrictions on transferring money to the poker sites. So... its not illegal but you cannot deposit money through a bank. Then if they catch the site using banks to take deposits, they jump up and down and throw a hissy fit. Playing on a USA facing site before this issue is resolved in congress and a law that everyone understand is passed, is not safe. Money can be confiscated by the US government at any time. If you want to just try it out for a small deposit its ok but keep your balance low. To summarize, the USA gov is not going after the players. They are only interested in the banking aspect of it.  The thing to keep in mind is that even if you are playing from outside the USA, you can still find yourself without access to your money as happened to FullTilt players both from within the USA and outside. That said, Carbon Poker has a very nice interface and would make a good online poker practice app for free games. Download Carbon Poker