Real Money Poker at FullTilt
  • download real money poker fulltiltName -  FullTilt Poker
    Age -  8 years (founded 2004)
    Type -  Private Company (in the process of merging with PokerStars)
    Market - Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia (No USA access)
    Traffic - average 0 cash players 
    Table Graphics 9.2 / 10
    Software Reliability  9.8 / 10  (uptime 99.999%)
    Security (anti hacking collusion detection) 10/10 (no negative reports)
    Customer service - 0 / 10
    Deposits - Visa Neteller Moneybookers, Bank Wire, E-Checks, Debit more..
    Cashouts - Check Direct Deposit Visa Debit more..
    Feerolls Bonus 9 / 10

     Overall FullTilt Poker rating 1 / 10    online real money poker  

  • FullTilt was a great place to play and was a high ranking site up in the top 5 for player traffic. Unfortunately when the US government cracked down on their operation they didn't have enough money to refund deposits. It seems very strange but it happened. The result of poor management, bad decisions and some would argue OUTRIGHT FRAUD. The end result was they went out of business and had to sell their assets to PokerStars who stepped in and paid off their players and resolved their issues with the gov fines. This has cost PokerStars over $700 million so it is clear that they expect to get profitable with FullTilt soon. It remains to be seen if players still trust this site after all they've been though  FullTilt is expected to open sometime November 2012. That brand  may thrive again but best to give it time to get settled in. Maybe check em out in 6 months to a year. Other than for the snafu with the deposits, there have been some concerns of their random shuffles. Maybe Pokerstars will look into it and correct any issues if found. To minimize risk it is recommended to always keep bare minimum in the poker account balance. And play only at the top ranked sites preferably with share issued publicly owned companies like 888 and PartyPoker