Real Money Poker at PokerStars
  • download real money poker starsName -  PokerStars
    Age -  11 years (founded 2001)
    Type -  Private Company
    Market - Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia (No USA access)
    Traffic - average 50,000 cash players 
    Table Graphics 9.0 / 10
    Software Reliability  9.8 / 10  (uptime 99.999%)
    Security (anti hacking collusion detection) 10/10 (no negative reports)
    Customer service - 8.0 / 10
    Deposits - Visa Neteller Moneybookers, Bank Wire, E-Checks, Debit more..
    Cashouts - Check Direct Deposit Visa Debit more..
    Feerolls Bonus 9.4 / 10

     Overall PokerStars rating 9.0 / 10    download online real money poker  

  •  PokerStars is currently the biggest online poker room out there. Can't argue with the numbers. They have managed their business exceptionally well and cornered the market when their main competitors were forced out of the biggest market (USA) due to the government policy. Even though PokerStars has withdrawn from the USA market as of April 2011 they still hold on to their first position as leader in the online poker arena. Many professional players who make a living with online poker are most likely going to be playing on Pokerstars as that is where the action is with thousands of players logged in at all levels and all the popular games and tournaments. The only thing that is sometimes annoying on Pokerstars is that many multi table players holding up the game as they tend to their other tables. It can get pretty bad at times. Also they lack a 'auto seat" feature that PartyPoker has had for years whereby a player can simply choose to be seated automatically when a seat is available. Without this feature the comical scenario of 20-30 players waiting to be seated is created when there could be 3 full tables already. If you are serious about online poker PokerStars will definitely be on your machine.