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    The primary purpose of this list is to publish Gin Rummy scores online

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    No! If you get any dick enlargement pill ads, you can be assured that we didn't send it.  And you can easily unsubsribe from this list anytime by clicking "unsubscribe" link included in your welcome email.

    What is my Gin Rummy Screen Name?

    With the latest versions 3.0 and up of Free Gin Rummy, you will see a login window when the program is started. Type in a username there and use that same name for all your Gin Rummy games. You will have an option to upload your scores from the <show scores> menu dialog screen. Your exact username must be registered on this list

     What's all this poker stuff doing here?

    The first mailing list we created was for a poker event, so we are just using the same template. Please don't be alarmed by the strange domain name learn-poker-rules. Its just an empty website I have owned for years but that was never finished so it is being used for database storage. This user list is for Free Gin Rummy only.