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Download free Blackjack game with blackjack strategy hints. 

Download our FREE Blackjack strategy game program and learn how to play blackjack strategy from hints on the best action for each hand as it is played. Most beginners know they should stand on 17 or higher but do  not have any idea how to play the other numbers. Basic blackjack strategy on what to do when you are dealt the smaller numbers is based on what the dealer up card is showing. This information can tell you whether you are likely to be beat and should hit or maybe the dealer has a good chance of  busting so you can stand with a smaller number and let the dealer bust out. These slight advantages have been known for many years and are available on many blackjack sites in chart format. These best move strategy charts were generated by computer simulation that are able to discern the slightest advantage by playing millions of hands over and over again.  Understanding a simple blackjack strategy is the first step towards enjoying the game of blackjack by maximizing your chances against the dealer and getting the most entertainment value for your money and increasing your chances of winning blackjack sessions. 

Minimum requirements are..
Windows 95 or higher 800*600 resolution and 16 bit color or higher.

 download blackjackdownload blackjack Click here to Download  ~ 1.8 megs  ver 1.0.24

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