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download free gin rummy
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Gin Rummy is a popular card game with just enough luck/skill combination that it can be enjoyed with or without gambling. The rules are easy enough. Simply arrange your cards into sets or runs and knock before your opponent. Our FREE Gin Rummy game will automatically detect your winning Gin Hand so you don't have to manually arrange your cards like all the other programs make you do.  You can also watch the program play with the "face up" feature to see how smart the algorithm is and beginners can use this feature to learn basic Gin Rummy strategy.

The game is designed with professional grade graphics and animation. Game play is fast efficient and exciting as the computer opponent challenges you at a skill level that will keep you on your toes. Select your Gin Rummy preferences from the options menu, copy your favorite pictures into the pics folder for your own custom background and enjoy hours of your favorite pastime, the all time international favorite card game of the world Gin Rummy

If you get tired of playing Gin Rummy switch over to the Video Poker game that is also included for free.

Why are we giving away this game for free? 
We earn a small fee to display a sponsor link when the program exits. 
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Version 3.0 has arrived with some exciting new features.. (September 25 2010)  (Screenshot)
Bigger nicer cards with themes
Pick your own full screen background image
Upload your scores to an online toplist page 
Stronger opponent and fixed some knock detection bugs

Download Free Gin Rummy Version 3.0.8 (download from cnet
Version 3.0.8 September 25 2015
Size 11.5 meg. 
Type Freeware
13,000+ download count at cnet

cnet takes weeks to update new versions so be sure to check for latest version

Certified clean no spyware virus. 
Alternate download (amazon cloud) Download (Version 3.08 July 6 2015)



zynga table screenshot
This is one of the Zynga poker tables. . As you can see it is easy to notice why they have 100,000 players on their site. They have an excellent interface second to none. Pleasing to the eye like it should be.. If they ever get into real money games, they will KILL the competition
Take me to the Action
zynga poker screenshot
Here is another screenshot. Zynga has plenty of players and active tables at various stakes. No cash games but they have tokens that offer some value to gamble with while avoiding gov thugs confiscating and freezing accounts. A real nuisance they are.. .
Ok, let's play now!
poker table video-1
Here is a quick sample Zynga poker game on YouTube. Mostly kids playing for fun. No real money games but can play for tokens. Excellent graphics. Maybe someday they will offer real money. Good place to practice playing online but the games are rather boring to be honest, players raising up to millions and billions. REAL money is REAL poker.
Enough video, let's play already..
poker table video-2
Another video of Zynga poker. Even though they don't offer explicit gambling, they do have a somewhat unofficial market for their tokens which can be purchased and sold so in a sense one could be playing for real money. .

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      Size 12.5MB
      Version 3.5.1
      OS Windows / Mac/ Android / iPHone

       Type Freeware (certified clean no virus no spyware)
       Poker Table Screenshot



  • download texas holdem video poker Texas Hold'em Video Poker is our very own FREE program that combines features of Texas Hold'em into a Video Poker format. It is a fun to play single user offline tool that someone new to poker can use to practice and become familiar with how poker hands develop in a game of Hold'em. The game presents a flop and 5 pairs face up. The player selects a pair most likely to win the hand. The program then deals out the turn and river cards and announces the winning hand. This gives the player a clear view of how Texas Hold'em works, How the turn and river cards can influence the outcome, and how unpredictable the game can be sometimes, which is what makes Holdem such an exciting and popular game.

      Size 3.5MB
      Version 1.01
      OS Windows
      Type Freeware



  • Texas Hold'em  for Android & iPhone
  • Zynga, the premier Facebook games provider has a popular Free Texas Hold'em game for Android and iPhone. Zynga boasts millions of users and their play chip format while not offering real money games yet, is still fun to play as the value of the chips is not zero as in the practice tables of the casino sites. For someone looking for a casual Texas Holdem experience on a mobile may find Zynga Texas Hold'em the perfect solution. Download Zynga's free Texas Hold'em Poker for Android. Download Zynga's free Texas Hold'em Poker for iPhone

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    Learn to play poker with our free Learn To play Poker application. It offers a dynamic learning experience with interactive exercises to get familiar with all the poker hand names and poker hand rankings. The exercises use random shuffled cards from a full deck so each lesson session is unique for a full effective learning experience. The poker lessons include all the necessary written text in ebook format to cover the basics. With the interactive lessons you can pick out random cards and the program will tell you what poker hand it is. Or you can click to see a random poker hand and select from a list of poker hands names, the program will beep if you make a mistake. There is a lesson for picking the best possible Texas Hold'em pair to match to the board. This is valuable exercise to understand how some sneaky straights and other big hands can be missed. And near the end of the lessons, a Texas Hold'em game is replayed step by step with explanation of the process and actions of the players. After completing these lessons a completely novice poker player can jump into an online game and start playing.

    Our Texas Hold'em Video Poker and Jacks or Better Video Poker download are both free games that players new to texas poker can use to understand poker hand names and poker hand rankings and the value of poker hands. Get an intuitive feel for the probability of hitting the different Texas Hold'em poker hands. Play long enough and you will hit a Straight Flush for the ultimate big win. Four of a kind is a rare monster and a Full House is a hand that annihilates your opponents if they call your All In.



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