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     Download (Version 3.08 July  2015)  (local download from this site)

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    Gin Rummy is a popular card game with just enough luck/skill combination that it can be enjoyed with or without gambling. The rules are easy enough. Simply arrange your cards into sets or runs and knock before your opponent. Our FREE Gin Rummy game will automatically detect your winning Gin Hand so you don't have to manually arrange your cards like all the other programs make you do.  You can also watch the program play with the "face up" feature to see how smart the algorithm is and beginners can use this feature to learn basic Gin Rummy strategy.

    The game is designed with professional grade graphics and animation. Game play is fast efficient and exciting as the computer opponent challenges you at a skill level that will keep you on your toes. Select your Gin Rummy preferences from the options menu, copy your favorite pictures into the pics folder for your own custom background and enjoy hours of your favorite pastime, the all time international favorite card game of the world Gin Rummy

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    Why are we giving away this game for free?
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    Version 3.0 has arrived with some exciting new features.. (September 25 2010)  (Screenshot)
    Bigger nicer cards with themes
    Pick your own full screen background image
    Upload your scores to an online toplist page
    Stronger opponent and fixed some knock detection bugs

    Download Free Gin Rummy Version 3.0.8 (download from cnet
    Version 3.0.8 September 25 2015
    Size 11.5 meg.
    Type Freeware
    13,000+ download count at cnet

    cnet takes weeks to update new versions so be sure to check for latest version

    Certified clean no spyware virus.
    Alternate download (amazon cloud) Download (Version 3.08 July 6 2015)