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texas holdem video poker game to learn texas holdem poker
Our own custom made Texas Hold'em Video Poker game is a single player poker game that combines elements of Video Poker with Texas Hold'em twist. Select one of 5 pocket pair to the flop and watch as the turn and river reveal the actual winner. Each pocket pair is labeled with the % rank relative to all other 169 pairs. And an accurate % winning chance for each pair to the current flop is also displayed. One of a kind Texas Hold'em Video Poker game original design. The game is intended as a fun way to learn basics of Texas Hold'em Poker game, get familiar with poker hands and probabilities. A betting feature is included so you can bet big when you have a strong hand and see how high you can build up your cash starting from $2500.  You may be surprised to see how crazy the turn and river cards can be to create straights and flushes that you would have never dreeamed could beat your made hand on the flop.  A comprehensive poker tutorial is included under the help menu. If you are new to poker you can learn all the poker hand names, the ranking of the hands with interactive exercises to bring you up to speed with the basics of poker. A full Texas Hold'em rules and commented sample game is also included. Have fun learning to play poker with Texas Holdem Video Poker

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Our Texas Hold'em Video Poker game has been updated in 2021 with bigger pretty cards with themes, a comprehensive "Learn To Play Poker" section as been added to the game under help men. And it is presented on a professional looking table with pleasant background image for hours of fun When you are ready come back to our home page and pick a real poker site to play real poker against real people. Have fun!