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Download our free Texas Holdem Video Poker game our own in house designed and programmed software. It is an off-line Video Poker like poker game with a Texas Hold'em twist. The game starts by dealing a flop and 5 pairs of pocket cards. Click the best pair you think will win. The "turn" and "river" cards are then flipped to reveal the actual winner. The preflop rankings of the 5 pocket cards are displayed above each pair, and the % winning chance for each pair at the flop is also displayed. The winner is declared with the name of the poker hand that won This is valuable information that is not so easy to learn by simply watching live games because of the secretive nature of poker, where hands are mucked, and if there is no showdown, the only visible cards are the community cards. Our free game gives you, the player, necessary information to begin to understand how the pocket pairs interact with the flop, see exactly how higher ranked cards end up beating the competition, how the turn and river cards can turn the tables on the best hand at the flop, and there is also a running count of the winning poker hand for an intuitive feel of how often the various types of hands appear.

If you are new to poker in general, be sure to download our free Learn Texas Hold'em Poker guide and/or practice poker with our free Jacks or Better Video Poker download. It is a fun way to learn the names of the different poker hand and how they rank against each other.

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