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Learn to play Poker fast with this FREE interactive poker tutorial. This program is a combination of hands on interactive exercises as well as a learning manual with standard written text and graphical illustrations, with real cards dealt randomly for each quiz. Practice poker hand names and poker hand rankings until you are confident and comfortable with your understanding. This is much easier and faster than reading a static chart that is soon forgotten. These hands on exercises will put you on the fast track to complete understanding of the poker basics. Once the introductory lessons are mastered, the focus moves on to the wildly popular variety of poker Texas Hold'em. Texas Hold em rules and basic game play sequence is explained followed by hands on practice with Texas Holdem specific exercises like starting pair awareness and Texas Hold'em hand recognition (knowing when you have the nuts and when you don't) This exercise by itself will save you a ton of bets. Next, we present a sample poker game from beginning to showdown, with each step and action of each player explained. All that is left to do from there is jump into a real online game and start playing. The manual covers some common questions about online poker rooms and offers links to reviews and screenshots

Version: 1.0
Size: 1.6 megabytes
Platform: Windows 95 or higher 800*600 16 bit color or higher
Type: Freeware
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For single player poker fun try our free Jacks or Better Video Poker game with hints for best play. It is a smart way to get an intuitive sense of the different poker hands and how they rank against each other. and the average occurrence of the different hands over a course of many deals.