poker books

by Jonathan Little
Two-time World Poker Tour champion Jonathan Little explains numerous strategies he uses to crush small stakes games,
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by Jared Tendler
Read up on the mental aspects of the game of poker. How to keep your cool and play your best even when the cards are killing you

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by Jonathan Little
17 world famous experts discuss their strategy and game to give the reader an idea of the mindset of a winning poker player 

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by David Sklansky
from a well known poker book author this book covers the basic principles of poker, covers some variants and discusses raising, bluffs, slow playing

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by Ashton Cartwright
Lean the poker habits of winning poker players. What they do different from everyone else allowing them to move up the ranks and make big bucks

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by Owen Gains
Poker is all about probabilities and that involves match. Poker Math that Matters goes over the basics of the math required to make correct decisions on the tables.
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by Ashton Cartwright
28 professional poker players cover all the ins and outs of making a living playing poker. The pros the cons the good and the bad

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by Doyle Brunson
Twice world champion Brunson covers all the bases of the winning strategies for poker.  A must read for any serious poker player. 600 pages

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