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History of Gin Rummy

  •  Where did Gin Rummy come from...

    One of the peculiar characteristics of card games is that there are endless varieties and everyone thinks their way is the proper version. The Gin Rummy variant is thought to have originated around early 1900 in New York. It turned into a fad in the in the USA in the 1940s. Games based in the priciple of drawing and discarding to form winning hands are timeless. This family of draw discard card games are played all around the world and regions have their own peculiar rules and regulations. Canasta is popular in south America. Mah Jong which is 1000 yr ancient game is said to be the precursor to draw and discard card games. You should be aware that slight variations in the rules can impact the correct strategy of the game so be wary of playing for money if the rules are not the ones you are familar with