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    When you first learn Gin Rummy, you will find it difficult to decide which of your cards to discard. As you get more experience, it gets easier. Before you draw a card, try to arrange your existing cards into any melds already completed. From there you will want to discard any cards that are related to a meld you already have. For example, if you make a run of 789 or spades, any other 7, 8 or 9 is not as useful anymore. You don't want to start building a set of 7s 8 or 9 since the card you need is already in a meld reducing your chance of success. You always want to think about how many outs you have to complete your melds. You should favor a run over a set because a run is like an "open ended straight" in poker. You can complete it on both ends while a set of 777 only has a single 7 left  to fill in that meld. Another useful pair is consecutively ranked off-suit cards. Lets say you have 7-8 offsuit  if you get an 8 of the same suit as your seven you now have multiple ways of completing a meld. You can go 888 or you can do a 678 or 789 suited. Your best bet is to focus on your own cards and dont worry too much about withholding cards that your opponent might need. Each variation of  Rummy will have its own set of optimising strategy which you can learn with experience. Considering that there are only 52 cards to a deck, some hardcore card counters may go as far as keeping a mental track of every card on the discard pile while building a probability scale of what cards are likely to be in your hand. You don't want to play for big money against those guys. But for fun casual games with friends, the many variations of Rummy games are a a world wide favorite pastime.

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