3DFiBs Backgammon
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Quick start guide to FIBS..
Download and install 3DFiBs.
3DFiBs Backgammon toolbar
Click the 3DFiBs icon on your desktop to launch the game.

Click the "Connect" button on the toolbar
Follow the screen prompts to create a new username and password.
Click on the board to roll, click on the dice to pick em up, right click to play the smaller number first. 3DFiBs does not support dragging. Single click on above or below the checker to move it

3DFiBs Backgammon online playing tips
3DFiBs Backgammon online playing tips
3DFiBs Backgammon online playing tips
Use the options menu to switch to full screen mode. Double click the title bar or maximize button to access the player list. Double click again(normal size) to return to full screen view.
3DFiBs automatically saves games into jellyfish jf.mat format for easy loading into backgammon analysis software like gnubg. Both jf mat and log folders (use log files to play back games in 3DFiBs) are in your documents ->3dfibs data folder.
FIBS is a free backgammon server run by volunteers. Many of the programs used to connect to FIBS are free and were written by fibsters. 3DFiBs is one of those programs.