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  • Full Tilt returns under new management launch date November 6 2012

    Full Tilt Poker was founded in 2004 and established itself as a premier force int the online poker world. Full Tilt is owned and endorsed by a group of professional poker players including  Howard Lederer, Chris Ferguson, Allen Cunningham, Phil Ivey, Mike Matusow and Andy Bloch. Full Tilt is second only to PokerStars, in the USA market and catching up fast with their innovative software. THe recent unveiling of a new style of poker game called "Rush Poker" was in instant hit with players. Rush Poker eliminated the dreadied wait between hands and puts the player on an exciting fast paced action track that is pure pleasure to play. No more opening up multiple tables out of sheer boredom in between hands. Now you can play one hand after another with no waiting. Sign Up and try it now. For some real tournament experience, try the turbo multi table Sit and Go tournaments. A favorite of many players is the No limit for just $3.50 buy in which pays to six places $60/$40/$25 $15 $6. They fill up fast and are fun without requiring a big deposit to play. Texas Hold'em tournament style is where the pros go to make a profit. You will always find plenty of action at all levels. Download now to sign up and play. All the games are free to install with no obligation other than to have fun.

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