Hold'em Helper is a small program that takes as input a pair of cards and displays the relative ranking on the 169 chart of known Texas Hold'm starting pairs.

Use HoldemHelper to avoid the biggest mistake beginners make (playing too many hands). Even in the low limit games where the betting starts at 50c-$1 you can drop $50 faster than a visit to the best little you know what  in you know where if you are not careful. Poker is a very fast paced game. Even with average pot sizes of $5-10, if that is your money in there every time, you will soon be broke. You want to only play pairs that are at least above 60-70% on the 169 chart. At the very least, you can use it to avoid garbage pairs like J2 unsuited (8%). Even suited, it is still only (47%) rank on the list.

Now.. since Poker is a game of luck also, you can still lose even when playing correctly so don't expect a sure thing. A pair of aces is the best hand preflop but it is still just a pair unless it improves, and a pair is only good if nobody has made 2 pair or trips or str8 or a flush or...In the long run though you will come out ahead if you play smart. Even though this is a rather simplistic lecture, by using a simple strategy of playing top ranked hands and using common sense on the flop, a beginner can can start to build up experience without wearing out the "deposit more cash" button. As you gain experience (read a book or two Low limit Hold'em by Lee Jones is a good start)  you will pick up on a lot of the intricacies of the game. There is also plently of advanced material available for free on the internet. See our strategy links section for some of these. And watch some experienced players on the high stakes tables.

Important Note this program(HoldemHelper)  will NOT work by itself. You will need to have installed the Texas Hold'em Video Poker game as they share some runtime files.

HoldemHelper is a small program that calculates the relative preflop value of any starting pair of Texas Hold'em pocket cards.  This information is crucial towards making the correct preflop decision of whether to fold or to pay to see the flop. 

There are exactly 169 combinations of any 2 cards in Texas Hold'em and the preflop value of each pair relative to the rest is known and can be found at many online poker information sites in a chart format. There may also be advice there such as "only play the top 25% of starting pair" etc. This is all good and well if you have memorized the chart otherwise it turns into a guessing game.  What HoldemHelper does is tell you exactly what the value is as a % digit. so that, for example, A7 will instantly show up as 83% suited and 46% offsuit. Armed with this knowlege, you can then make an educated decision whether or not to play that hand.

Version: 1.0.30
Size: 2.09 megabytes (4 minutes on 56k modem)
Platform: Windows 95 or higher with 800*600 resolution 16 bit color or higher
Type: Freeware


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A.  Always looks great, Never wins

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PS. Using this program is NOT cheating. This 169 chart is freely available at any Texas Holdem Strategy page on the internet. Whether your opponents chose to educate themselves and use this information is up to them. The form of online poker cheating that one should be watchful for is collusion. Most online poker sites have security features against collusion but it is still wise to be vigilant and just get up and leave if things seem fishy .
Version: 1.0.
Size: 300k (< 1 minute on 56k modem)
Platform: MS Windows 95 or higher
Type: Freeware


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