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Minimum deposit  $20
Low limit tables     5c
Free play money    yes
Instant deposit bonus 25%

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Online Texas Hold'em Poker adventure (part2)..

This is a continuation of Part 1 of the saga of my online low limit hold'em experience

Ok.. I have been on the 50c tables long enough. I am up to $400 and maintaining and slowly climbing up. Getting quite comfortable with the game now.. Have been playing for about 6 months. Tried a couple of SNG $5/1. got to second place on one of em. Most of the games there are NL and I just dont have enough experience (in my opp) to play that yet. Still having fun at the limit tables. Watching some of the higher buy in SNGs, I suspect that there are some experienced players making good money there. $200 buy in winner is $1000 and some of the multiple table tourneys also have good payoffs.

Ok.. back to limit. I jump on a $1/2 table and reduce my buy in to $30 (default is 50 and if I lost that in one session I will SURELY be pissed.. so 30 is good). I soon forget the $ amount difference and just try to play as I did on the 50c tables. After a couple of sessions, breaking even, up down $30, I start to realize that the skill level at $1/2 is not that much different than 50c. Actually, as strange as it may sound, I am starting to believe 50c tables are harder. Actually, they are harder to make any money at because you are crawling up with small change. (long hours.. min wage :-) been there done that). I have done a good job of polishing up my game at the 50c level and now that the stakes are doubled, my winnings are appearing bigger and faster. Here is an example of a winning session from just a few minutes ago..(it was such a nice session that I was inspired to write about it.)

Yours_Truly wins $29 from the main pot with two pairs
Yours_Truly wins $16.25 from the main pot with two pairs
Yours_Truly wins $18.75 from the main pot with a pair of aces
Yours_Truly wins $9 from the main pot with a pair of sevens
Yours_Truly wins $26 from the main pot with a straight
Yours_Truly does not show cards.Yours_Truly wins $27
Yours_Truly wins $22 from the main pot with a flush
Yours_Truly: thanks dealer.. big tip PLOP!!

Ok.. I don't expect this type of action every day. I was lucky and there was a maniac on the table that was insisting on giving me an early Christmas bonus. I came out $100+ in less than 30 minutes.
I think I am going to like this level :-).. stay tuned for more. Current totals = $500. This is up from a low of $30 from the last time I deposited (about 3 months ago I believe) into the account. I will probably not draw any out until it is like $1000.. maybe more.
All my backgammon buddies are asking where I been.. Texas Hold'em baby !! :-)
Let me say something here about my other passion, backgammon. Learning to play backgammon before I discovered poker has helped me immensely in maintaining control of my emotions under adverse poker bad beat conditions. If you think poker bad beats are annoying, try backgammon for a while. I promise you will hardly blink an eye at any lucky river card that falls for your opponent after you have dealt with the kind of "bad beat" situations that occur regularly with backgammon. You can play backgammon with my free game 3dfibs. Backgammon and poker are both luck/skill games and if you like one, you will usually enjoy the other.

To be continued


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Minimum deposit  $50
Low limit tables     50c
Free play money    yes

Minimum deposit  $20
Low limit tables     5c
Free play money    yes

Minimum deposit  $10
Low limit tables     25c
Free play money    yes

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