Getting a premium pair is always a nice way to start the round. However, it is still only a pair unless it improves on the flop. Hanging on to AA or KK when the betting is heavy and the board indicates a possible flush or straight is a common symptom of beginners. It hurts to let go of these hands but the alternative is worse. Here is a funny (true) story with a lesson on "letting go
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Q. Why did the lion tiger and leopard lost at poker
A. Because there was a "cheetah" at the table
The key to survival is smart conservation
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Free play money    yes
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poker monkey
  • In a part of Africa where droughts sometimes dwindle the water supply down to a dangerously low level, locations of water holes become a highly guarded secret among a population of baboons living in the area. These baboons will only go to drink from their secret water hole when they are absolutely sure that nobody is looking. Native hunters living in the area have devised an ingenious method of finding these secret location by taking advantage of the "monkey instinct" to hang on to something even when the cost by far exceeds any benefit. A hunter will approach a group of baboons and while they are watching will dig a small hole in an embankment and place some fruit in it. The hole is just big enough for the baboon to reach in but too small to withdraw if the fist is closed. Once the baboon reaches in and grabs the fruit, releasing is somehow not an obvious option. It will shriek in terror as the hunter approaches and struggle to escape, but just cant let go for nothing. The hunter easily collars the animal, ties it to a post, feeds it some salt to induce thirst and lets it sit for a couple of days with no water. As soon as it is released, the baboon wastes no time running to the water hole, and the hunter follows it to the valuable source of water.

  • I have often wondered just how much of this "monkey instinct" is active when I "know" I have been beat but just can't seem to let go of the hand and get dragged calling (shrieking) all the way to the river.
    Don't be the "can't let go monkey. Play smart and be the hunter with the "nutz" dragging shrieking (calling) baboons to the river

  • Poker monkey
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