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7 chris moneymaker... Texas Hold'em

featured poker download Here is another pay to play offline poker game. This one gives you a whopping 60 minutes of trial play before it starts nagging you for $19.95. The fact that there are dozens of online sites offering free games doesn't faze these guys one bit. I suppose the idea is that players will pay to simulate a big tournament. Pretend they are Chris Moneymaker at the WSOP and listen to computer generated bells whistles and crowd noises? I don't really know but for $19.95 you can deposit into one of the real money Online Poker sites we have listed, and play against real people. At a $20 buy in you would probably have to play on the kiddie tables 5-10c but still it would beat playing against a stupid computer program. Poker is meaningless unless there is a risk of winning or losing money. Even if the stakes are as low as 25c, players will fold to a bluff so the game is on. Forget the poker software simulations. They are so 1990s..

File size: 137KB
Version ?
License 60 minute trial buy for $19.95
Operating system: Windows 2000/XP
Website http://www.trymedia.com

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