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7 texas hold'em poker tracker

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The easy-to-read advice bar and poker odds chart give beginners all the information they need to make smart poker decisions without being overwhelming. All of your "outs" are shown with colored dots in the "deck" window, making it easy to see straight and flush draws for both you and your opponent. It also tells you exactly when you have the nuts, eliminating confusion and letting you take your opponents. As your Texas Hold'em game develops, you'll find the extra details - the poker odds of making specific hands, odds of one of your opponents making certain hands, pre-flop hand strength & Sklansky score - all indispensable. Whatever your skill level, it's absolutely critical to have an poker odds calculator watching along with you. In a highly-competitive environment like online poker, you need every resource possible at your disposal

Version: 7.1.16
File size: 2.75MB
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Operating system: Windows 2000/XP
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