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texas holdem no limit drama
Tony G is at it again talking taunting his opponents when the floor man gives him a warning which is quickly met with a feisty response. But an Ace on the turn "turns" the tables as it were and it is the great Tony G who stomps off in a tantrum of sorts. Always fun to watch TonyG. Never a boring moment. 
poker drama
Folding a big hand is hard but some players manage to do it and live to fight another day.  In this first segment 3 players flop a set, straight and a flush. These kinds of hands are met with skepticism online with suspicion of rigged cards but as is evident from the crazy cards of offline  poker, we can see strange things can and do happen. No rigging required.
texas hold'em drama  video
Huh? I am all in. Now that is quite the drama right there. Go all in and the dealer mucks your hand . You explain that you were all in with AA but nobody seems to have a solution. The hand is declared DEAD!. Well this kind of mistake NEVER can happed online so there you have it. 
texas holdem poker wsop video
Sometimes you hold the winning hand and don't even know it. Most often this happens with a gut shot straight but it can happen with a flush on the river if you are not paying attention as happened here with Ivey. Another example of online advantage. If you get to the river with the winning hand, no worries the system will award you the pot even if you thought you lost.  
bluff gone wrong
When you bluff and get re-raised all in, what is there left to do but pretend you had a hand.  Darvin Moon finalist in the WSOP 2009 picks a bad spot for a bluff and ends up having to back off when re-raised all in. The funny part is when he goes over to his fan base and  spins a cute little story about what he had.. Come on Moon, they will see it on TV and KNOW u were lying.
the mother of all bad beats quads vs royal flush
That you could hold 4 of a kind AND STILL LOSE. Not very likely but that is exactly what happens in this amazing table when quads are beat by a straight flush. Anything a set or better is a monster and you expect to cash in unless the board counterfeits your hand.. Then you can swear and vent some steam but the next hand is already on the way. Keep playing. .