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texas holdem no limit heads up nanonoko
Randy Lew of online poker fame plays heads up with commentary. Playing on online poker, Randy aka Nanonoko has earned 6 figure income playing tournaments online and racking up VIP points with his multi tabling prowess/
Evan from gripsed plays tournament
Evan from talks about his strategy playing tournament on online poker and Ongame $10 buy in. Evan is a top level online player as you can tell from his commentary. This is the beauty of YouTube. You can learn from the experts FOR FREE. Check his channel.
texas hold'em gameplay strategy video
  • $1000 in 45 minutes
Watch a sharp online poker player win $1000 in 45 minutes on the tables  He talks about his thought process throughout the video giving you a glimpse into the mindset of a top level player.
texas holdem poker strategy
Evan from gives us some excellent commentary on this video clip. He is playing micro stakes multi table talking about the basics of winning strategy and some good advice on general rule of thumb type tips 
poker fish and how to take their money
types of fish are you 1?
Online poker player James SplitSuit Sweeny talks about his take on fish  and how to filet and fry them at the tables. Listen in as weak players are categorized, analyzed and chopped up into delicious sushi. You can work on making sure you are not on the menu
4 table game play strategy speed poker
Evan plays Titan speed poker 4 table and talks us through his thought process. A valuable insight into how top level poker players think. This kind of coaching would have cost you big money but thanks to YouTube and the digital revolution internet, we can GETSTACKIN