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download poker video esfandiari lifestyle
Antonio Esfandiari shows off his Las Vegas high rise condo with a panoramic view of the strip and quick access to the poker tabkes at the wsop where the big money games are bustling and the pros are hustling.
pro poker player lifestyle eli elezra
Eli Elezra lives in Las Vegas in a custom built home with amenities like $50,000 fish tank stocked with $30,000 worth of exotic fish.  Living large is the name of the game with the top players on the circuit. 
poker pro players texas hold'em lifestyle deeb
Dan Negreanu is a popular face on the poker scene He welcomes us into a tour of his home which is basically a tricked out bachelor pad for him and his buddies.  He has yet to be domesticated.. ladies..
poker pro lifestyle texas holdem millionaires money
Thanks to $4 M + winnings in poker, 29 yr old Andrew Robl can afford the finer things in life. Take a video tour of him pad and imagine the possibilities of success in the world of Texas Hold'em, where the sky is the limit
poker pro antonius texas holdem rich
Patrik Antomius from Helsinki Finland is reported to have won over $6 M in poker winnings. That buys a lot of square footage and toys to park in it. Take a peek into the life of this poker pro living the poker lifestyle
texasholdem poker players high rise lifestyle money
4 poker players share the story of their success at a break from a Barcelona EPT event.  Includes players, Dan Negreanu, Liv Boeree, Theo Jorgensen,  Jose Barbero.  Do they bluff off the table too? hmm..