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Evan from showing some multi tabling micro stakes poker.  Multi-tabling is for  advanced players. YOu want to be where you are not having to think about your action but rather simply following a strategy that in thelong run puts your in positive territory
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online poker Super Nova elite Kevin Thurman shows how he does 24 tables to rack up those lucrative online poker points while padding his bank roll. This is his full time job. Professional players earn six figures playing online Texas Hold'em. 
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Evan the poker expert from goes over his successful multi tabling system. Subscribe to his YouTube channel "Gripsed" and he will 'get you stackin"
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One of the success stories on online poker,  Randy Liu has turned his poker hobby into a full time job playing multi table poker, winning some of the big poker tournaments on online poker like the Sunday Millions. 
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So what do you get when you combine zoom poker with multi tables?  Evan from shows you how it is done. This is the ultimate in fast action. There is zero down time. Each hand is played one right after another and he as 4 of them going at once.
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using hotkeys on multi..
Here is a valuable video that discusses using hotkeys to speed up your multi tabling action.  Multi tabling will earn you more money. HOWEVER if you are a losing player, you will lose twice as fast with multi tables so make sure you know what you are doing before you get into multi tabling. Learn to walk before you try to fly.