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texas holdem no limit wsop
Watch the full WSOP Texas Holdem no limit main event. This is serious business. Millions of dollars are on the line. but the consolation prize is not too shabby. Every player who reaches this stage is guaranteed a cool $1 million. 
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These guys are not messin around. They have put down $1 million to play in the biggest buy in contest in the universe. Well some of them are staked but it is still quite a big bet to put on the line. Not your everyday casual friendly weekend game.
texas hold'em wsop video
When you have a set you cannot believe you will lose but there are straights flush and full house out there just waiting to crush your spirit. But you can't claim "rigged site" when it is the WSOP. Random cards will do crazy things. Reality is stranger than fiction
texas holdem poker wsop video
The agony of a crushing defeat when the cards conspire to squash your dreams. What else is there to do but bang your head on the wall. Well this is why you must be mature adult  to play real money poker. It requires the discipline and self control of a responsible adult. If you suffer from compulsive tendencies stay away. 
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Full house vs full house in the first hand of the WSOP. Devastating loss busing out in the first hand of the competition holding a full house  The odds are against it but strange things happen in the realm of random draws. That 1 in a thousand event will rear its ugly head to bite but sometimes you are on the win side. 
the mother of all bad beats quads vs royal flush
The two biggest hands in poker come head to head on the same hand. A true bad beat indeed. These hands do happen. The online pokerbad bead jackpot  hits all the time for losing with quads (to a better quad or a straight flush. or straight flush vs higher straight flush.