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featured poker download Carbon Poker was founded in 2007. It runs on the Australian based Merge Online Poker network. As a relative newcomer to the online poker scene, it has had to carve out its niche with above par software and generous bonus and freeroll offerings. One of the draws to the Merge network is their availability for USA based players who had long since been abandoned by most major sites who could not risk prosecution by the FED whose long arm of the law could suddenly freeze assets and seize bank accounts bringing multi million dollar operations to a screeching halt. If you do play on Carbon, keep your balance to a bare minimum. The site itself is honest enough it is the gov thugs around the world who are out of control, grabbing domains and seizing bank accounts of gaming companies whom they accuse of operating unregulated gambling operations. But if the server is in a location where gambling is allowed, who exactly has jurisdiction over the games? These issues are all in a grey area where the laws are vague and in a perpetual process of getting sorted out.   

Name - Carbon Poker
Founded - 2007
Type - Private company
Market - Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia (YES USA access)
Traffic - average 1200 cash players
Table Graphics -9.4 / 10
Software Reliability -9.9 / 10 (uptime 99.999%)
Security - anti hacking collusion detection
Customer service - 8.1 / 10
Deposits - Visa Neteller Moneybookers, Bank Wire, E-Checks, Debit more..
Cashouts - Check Direct Deposit Visa Debit more..
Feerolls Bonus 9.4 / 10
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poker table screenshot
This is one of the Carbon Poker tables. They still have the classic and more colors.  As far as online poker interface goes, this is one of the best. No eye strain when playing for hours.  And they have good support for multi tables if you are an experienced player.
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poker lobby screenshot
Here is a lobby screenshot. As you can see, they have plenty of players and active tables at various stakes. Cash games and tournaments are available 24/7 Tournament poker is a great way to get value for your money.
Ok, let's play now!
download poker video 1
poker table video-1
Evan once again from gripsed.com playing on Carbon Poker. Carbon is one of the sites that is USA player friendly. They are based in Australia. Worth a try if you are in USA banned from all other sites (yeah i know it sucks). As always keep a minimal balance in your account as it is not uncommon for USA gov thugs to jump in and freeze accounts when they have nothing better to do
 Enough video, let's play already..
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poker table video-2
Video of Carbon Poker table action. A random player talking about  his experiences on Carbon poker, poker in general. Giving some good beginner tips and advise on how to play poker. What mistakes to avoid, what to fold and why. Now as with any YouTube video, not everyone who "teaches" is an expert so do your own due diligence. Evan from Grepsed.com knows what he is talking about. Can't go wrong with that guy
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