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Free Gin Rummy Quick Start Guide

  • Arranging the cards

    Click on a card before you draw to move it to the far side. Right click moves it to one side, left click to the other side. When you make a set, click each card  to the end. The program will detect Gin whatever position your cards are in. The arrangements are for your own view.

    Simple vs Standard Gin

    Select this option from the preferences menu. Simple Gin requires you to have no deadwood to Knock. Standard Gin you can knock with 10 or less deadwood. The program currently uses USA Gin Rummy rules which does not allow ace high as in JKQA only Ace low as A123.


    To knock, you can click on the status bar which will be showing your current deadwood count with the message "You can Knock, xy deadwood". If you knock Gin, the program will detect it automatically. You don't have to do anything. Ours is the only game that offers this features.

    Check for new version

    There will soon be an online player vs player version with exciting scoring system. Please  sign up to the forum and subscribe the the update topic so you can get email notification when updates are released

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    Size 2.2 meg. (small)
    Type Freeware
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    Certified clean no spyware virus.
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