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The amazing history of PartyPoker starts with parent company PartyGaming (formerly known as IGlobalMedia)  founded in 1997 by  Ruth Parasol  Ms Parasol, a lawyer by trade, was involved in the Internet Pornography industry prior to getting into the online gambling business. Parasol hired programmer, Anurag Dikshit, a graduate of Indian Institute of Technology  who was then living and working in the USA, to create online casino games. PartyPoker was launched in 2001.  Mr Dikshit hired 
Vikrant Bhargava a colleague from his college days to head the marketing  operations or PartyPoker.  Shares of the company were split between Parasol, her husband Russ, Dikshit and Bhargava. all of whom are now billionaires from the recent  float of PartyGaming on the London Stock Exchange, with an IPO valued at over $8 billion.

There were already several online poker sites by the time PartyPoker arrived but PartyPoker quickly cornered the market with smart  marketing and a fast, simple to use, intuitive and fairly good looking interface.  PartyPoker's flexible and reliable affiliate program was a hit with webmasters who lost no time in promoting PartyPoker for a generous share of the profits.

With up to 80,000 simultaneous players logged in and playing at peak times, PartyPoker offers a compelling  Online Poker experience with ample game selection at stakes to fit any budget. and skill level.  In addition to the vast number of active tables, PartyPoker also offers an incentive in the form of a huge bad beat jackpot  that can reach $100,000 in a couple of day, and has been known to balloon up to $500,000+ if it goes for a week or more before anyone hits it.  Not a bad consolation prize for losing while holding 4 of a kind or higher. (Yes, it can happen. I have seen straight flushes lose to higher straight flushes). Complete details on this and other promotions can be found at PartyPoker website  

Download and try PartyPoker Online Poker today. Free unlimited play money games are availiable to new players for free. If you do decide to gamble with real money for the first time, exercise moderation and only deposit an amount comparable to what you might spend on a couple of nights out on the town. Poker is a fast paced game and can be addictive. If you are a beginner, stick to the low limit games until you get some experience. If you study the game and play smart, online Texas Hold'em Poker can entertain you for hours and you may even show a small profit. Have fun!

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Minimum deposit  $25
Low limit tables     5c
Free play money    yes

Minimum deposit  $20
Low limit tables     5c
Free play money    yes

Minimum deposit  $25
Low limit tables     25c
Free play money    yes

Q.  What did you have?
A.   I ain't tellin :-)
Minimum deposit  $25
Low limit tables     5c
Free play money    yes
Instant deposit bonus 25%

With a modern easy to use interface and table stakes to fit every budget, PartyPoker is the smart choice
for casual or serious poker fun and  excitement. Download and try it today. Your free unlimited play money account is waiting

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