Poker For Beginners Poker Hand Rankings Starting Pair 169 Chart Texas Hold'em Poker Rules

Texas Hold'em limit starting pair chart

Ranked left to right, top to bottom same color pair = suited red/black= offsuit

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Premium  preflop hands (raise with these preflop)

Playable depending on position and other factors
QJ  KT  QT  JT  99  AQ  A9  KQ
T9  A8  K9  J9  A5  Q9  88  AJ  A7  A4
A6  A3  KJ  QJ  77  T8  K8  AT  A2  98
K7  Q8  J8  KT  JT  66  QT  K6  87  K5
97  T7  K4  76  55  K3  Q7  44  J7  33

Everything below here is junk. Play these hands if forced from the blinds throw them away otherwise.
Ok, if you hate folding, play some of the top 2 rows of these from the button. Everything below  that is junk.
We are talking low limit beginner advice here. If you want to delve further into it I recommend  the book
Winning Low LImit  Hold'em by Lee Jones.

K2  86  65  Q6  54  Q5  96  75  Q4
T9  A9  T6  Q3  J6  64  Q2  85  K9  J9
J5  53  Q9, A8, J4  J3  74  95  43  J2
T5  A7  A5  T4  63  T8, 98  A4  T3  84
52  T2  A6  42  A3  J8  K8  94  87  73
Q8  93  32  A2  92  62  K7  83  97  82
76  K6  T7  72  65  K5  86  54  J7  K4
Q7  75  K3  96  K2  Q6  64  Q5  T6  85
53  Q4  J6  Q3  Q2  74  43  J5  95  J4
63  T5  J3  J2  T4  52  84  T3  42  T2
73  94  32  93  62  92  83  82  72

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