How to play poker online

find a table to play

Upon logging into your poker client for the first time, you will find yourself on a page commonly referred to as "the lobby". In the lobby will be a listing of all the different games that are available. The list will be separated into categories that you can select to drill down further into the game you want to play. Lets say you want to 25c limit Texas Hold'em. You would click on the "real money" tab up top, from there you would select the limit category and in that list you could sort the tables from highest to lowest bet amounts. Then you would scroll down the list and look for tables that are full with only 1 or 2 seats available. Once you find such a table you would click on it and this will open a new window with the image of the table and all the players seated. You would then click on the empty seat to join. If you are successful ie no one else has beat you to that seat you will get a popup dialog asking how much you wish to bring to the table. A default value will be already input for you. For 25c limit that amount would be around $20. You can choose to increase or decrease it. Once you are seated, you will have a choice to immediately start playing by posting a blind or you can sit and wait for the blind to come around to your seat. If you are impatient and don't want to wait, you will pay the big blind and when the button comes back around, you will pay the blinds again. So the main thing is to make sure the button is not within a few turns away. If the button just passed then you will only lose 1 or 2 turns but if the button is close you will pay double the blinds within a couple of hands so best practice is to let the blinds come around so you don't piss your money away . It is good discipline. Paying the blinds is your ticket if you will so you don't want to pay double to play a round of hands. .