How to play poker online

deposit no money

Making a first deposit into a poker site can be a confusing affair. There are so many different payment systems out there these days and some of them have restrictions with transfers into online gaming sites. So basically there are two things to remember. (1) Stick to the major established sites. (2) Deposit only as much as you are willing to lose. Not that it means your money will be lost. If you are a beginner you will most likely end up losing your first few deposits. The key is to make sure you are getting the full value for your money. Use only the top 5 licensed and established sites to play on. Most of the major sites are proper corporate entities with listings on the London Stock exchange  or in the case of  who has recently been acquired by  a Canadian company. All the major sites do a pretty good job of providing adequate payment systems to deposit. Well they no choice. They have to get the money in one way or another. So the major concern for the mew player is not the safety of their deposit but rather how soon they will have to make another deposit. One of the mistakes many new players make is playing for stakes far higher than they can afford. 50c may not seem like a lot but if you don't know what you are doing, you will burn through $100 in no time at all on a 50c/$1 limit table. As a general rule of thumb you will need 40 buy ins to be comfortable. So if you are playing $5 sit and go games you will need a $200. If less play on the $1 or $2 games. As a beginner you are not looking to make any money. You want to get as much experience as possible without breaking the bank. The money will come with experience...