How to play poker online

picking a site

Picking an online poker site to play on can be a daunting task as the market is saturated with multitudes of sites
all vying for players. As personal preferences are subjective, we suggest trying out the top 5 sites as measured
by player traffic, and selecting the one you like best. Also you do not necessarily have to play on a single site
You can download multiple sites and maintain multiple poker accounts that you can switch around on. This can offer you the best opportunity to take advantage of specials, freerolls, bonus offers and other perks that the sites routinely offer to attract and retain their players.

Picking an established site is important. The main advantage to a top tier site is the number of players available to play. Another consideration is the safety of your deposit. Small sites that go belly up may have difficulty refunding player accounts. Something not likely to happen with a large site that has thousands of active players. It would also be prudent to find out the laws regarding online gaming in your jurisdiction. Some governments have been known to confiscate bank accounts of online gaming companies accusing them of breaking gambling laws. Major online gaming sites will be licensed for most of the markets where online poker is legal. Depending on where you live, you may have access to only a couple of sites who have cut a deal with the authorities to run a regulated operation in that country. Most of this will be handled from the site itself. If players from your country are not allowed to play, they will know from your IP address when you log into their site and they display a message regarding eligibility. You could send an email to their customer service inquiring if they accept real money players from your country, before going through the hassle of creating an account. Some sites have separate domains for play money games which do not require a license or a real money deposit. Those are open to any player from any country