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  • download texas holdem for windowsThere comes a time in every poker player's experience that promps one to share their pain with the rest of the world. Hey, look at how I lost this hand, look what a bad beat that was, boo hoo hoo..Resist the urge to tell everyone about your bad luck. Poker by definition has a luck factor built into it such that even the worst players will sometimes will a hand. If it were not so, bad players would never ever risk their money when there is no chance that they could get lucky and win a hand once in  a while. So it is rather pointless to complain when they get lucky and win a miracle runner runner showdown. Rather than berate such players, the smart poker player will congratulate them and make them feel good about winning. This is the correct response to a bad beat. Not only is it the honorable gentlemanly way but it also ensures that the players who depend on luck to win a hand will be happy to play at your table and give you all their money. But if you cant resist sharing your bad beats with the rest of the world, simply google "poker hand replayer" and you will find several sites that will read your hand history directly from your poker hand folder and convert it into a format that you can upload to YouTube or some other poker forum and wallow in your misery 

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