Download Wilson Software Texas Holdem Poker Analysis
  • download texas holdem for windowsWilson Software is another one of those computer poker players that claim to improve your game by giving you practice games against the computer. These types of software were popular before the internet online poker boom. Now that there are dozens of sites to play for real or play money, no sense wasting time playing against a computer. As for the analysis and statistical data that it claims to offer, I just dont see how that could be any help in winning your next  tournament. Real poker players don't play like a computer. The only way to learn to play poker is to just jump in and start playing. Pick from our Online Poker Rooms and jump start yourpoker career. Sure you will want to learn about pot odds, posistion and tournament ICM principles and general poker tips and tricks. You can google these and find adequate info, or buy a good book for poker theory. .

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  • Get a free texas holdem download from our Online Poker downloads and have fun. Dont be a goof. Dont pay to play poker against a computer when you can play live for free...