Poki Texas Hold'em AI player
  • download texas holdem for windowsUniversity of Alberta Computer Poker Research Group is working on creating computer programs that play poker better than any human being, as a testbed for doing good science. There are many core artificial intelligence and computer science problems that need to be solved to make an excellent player, and games like poker are a fun and controllable way to examine these problems. A longer explanation of why they're looking at poker can be found in Darse Billing's M.Sc. dissertation (Billings, 1995).
    For even more detailed information about the past progress, you can look at the following publications which describe the various programs we've worked on over the years. They claim their AI poker player can challenge the best human players. These bots have come a long way and it is certain they will be increasingly used for real money games advantage without the consent of the poker sites who have no way to definitively banning such programs. But if you are good, a machine will never gain an upper hand on your poker game

      File size: 156k (small size)
      Type Freeware
      Operating system: Windows 2000/XP
      Website University of Alberta Computer Poker Research

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