famous poker players antonio esfandiari 
Name Antonio Esfandiari
Age 36  (Born 1978 Tehran Iran, moved to USA at 9 yrs)
Residence San Francisco CA USA
Nickname The magician
Earnings $18 Million +

Antonio Esfandiari seems to have everything going for him. Young, handsome, and loaded with megabucks thanks to poker. His recent first place victory in a $1Million buy in WSOP tournament put him at the top of the rankings for highest career poker earnings. Antonio has won numerous poker titles and is a familiar face at televised poker events where he presents a friendly fun personality at the tables carrying on lively banter as he exchanges bet values greater than most people earn in a year. Check out Antonio plying his trade in the video clips below
poker pro antonio playing WSOP 2009
poker pro antonio playing WSOP 2009 No Limit Holdem Poker