famous poker players jamie gold 
Name Jamie Gold
Age 46 (Born 1969 Kansas City MO USA)
Residence Malibu CA USA
Earnings $12 Million +

Jamie Gold blasted onto center stage of the world poker scene when he won the 2006 WSOP main event. Watching Jamie Gold eliminate his WSOP 2006 opponents one by one was quite a spectacle Using an aggressive style forcing his opponents to risk their entire stack, using table talk to confuse his opponents, telling them what cards he had sometimes telling the truth sometimes lying he completely dominated the tables all the way to the final. He was single handedly responsible for eliminating 7 of 8 players at the final table. The $12 Million first prize was the peak of WSOP money after which the number of entrants fell following the US gov crackdown on online poker in 2007. Check out Jamie Gold at the poker tables with the sample video clips below
jamie gold winner of 2006 wsop event
jamie gold 2006 wsop winner video