famous poker players scotty nguyen 
Name Scotty Nguyen
Age 53 (Born 1962 Nha Trang Vietnam moved to USA at 14)
Residence Henderson NV USA
Nickname Prince of Poker
Earnings $11 Million+ 

Scotty Nguyen is a successful professional poker player with career lifetime earnings in the multimillion of dollars. Big money poker winners hit the jackpot when they win or place high in poker tournaments. In addition to his many tournament wins, Scotty Nguyen has won the big daddy of poker tournaments the WSOP main event (1998) for a cool million. One of his trademark expressions at the table is "if you call it's gonna be all over BABY!!" Scotty is a fun easy going player at the tables making him a favorite at televised events. Check out the Scotty Nguyen style poker with the video clips below..
scotty nguyen playing poker video
scotty nguyen playing poker video