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Name Joe Hachem
Age 49 (Born 1966 Lebanon moved to Australia at 6 yrs)
Residence Melbourne Australia
Earnings $11 Million +

Joe Hachem rose to fame in the poker world when he won the 2005 WSOP main event for $7+ million which at the time was a record for the WSOP. He methodically dispatched his opponents while his supporters in the stands cheered him on with the chant "OZZIE OZZIE OZZIE" Joe Hachem has gone on to win and place in the money of major poker events over the years, putting him in the top 10 ranked poker earnings. Joe is a lively friendly personality at the tables always winning or losing with grace. He is a regular at televised poker tournaments and is a popular player often drawing crowds to his table drama. Check out Joe Hachem in action in the video clips below. 
joe hechem from down under winning the 2005 wsop
joe hechem from down under winning the 2005 wsop