famous poker players Daniel Negreanu 
Name Daniel Negreanu
Age 41 (Born 1974 Toronto CA)
Current Residence Las Vegas NV USA
Nickname Kid Poker
Earnings $15 Million +

Daniel Negreanu is a successful professional poker player with career lifetime earnings in the multimillion of dollars. He has a friendly easy going upbeat personality which makes him a favorite of poker TV shows where he routinely amazes spectators with his unnerving ability to call out his opponent's cards. His world class poker talent has won him the respect of high stakes players. His many top place finishes in major poker tournaments has made him a wealthy man. Daniel Negreanu has joined up with the online poker site online poker, where he is often seen at the tables promoting their brand. Watch the great Daniel Negreanu in action at the poker tables with the select videos below
Daniel Negreanu calling his opponent cards as if by magic
Daniel Negreanu playing poker video