The "Bubble" is the name given to the part of a tournament when players are one elimination away from making the money. So if you make it as far as the bubble, you certainly do NOT want to bust out. This opens up some interesting possibilities on strategy. The fact that everyone at the table is playing super tight waiting for someone to get eliminated means that there is opportunity to start playing aggressively and start stealing blinds. This is particularly true for a big stack at the table who has accumulated enough chips to withstand an all in loss and still have enough chips left to keep playing.  In such a situation, the big stack can move all in with any 2 cards and there is nothing the rest of the players can do but to fold and hope someone gets blinded out or 2 players duke it out  and the bubble can burst. On the bubble, it is far more advisable to more all in than it is to call an all in. It is also advisable that you attack your nearest rival such that it creates a him or me situation. Doubling up on the big stack is nice but it does not burst the bubble and if he has enough chips, he can go right back into raising every hand and stealing the blinds. The increasing blinds must be considered and the possibility of blinding out or jamming with an acceptable hand based on number of big blinds left. (the lower your stack dwindles, the lower your range for moving all in otherwise you are running the risk of the blinds hitting you with any random hand.  Jam Fold tables will be discussed later.