online poker tools

Some of the tools you can get to assist you during play or to run analysis after the fact includes programs that will give you stats on your opponents, software that simulates different situations, some programs will play back your hand history. There are tools to calculate odds EV and ICM calculations. Take a look at our Poker Links section for Tools to visit some of these vendor sites. Some of these programs are banned by major sites so be aware of what is and isn't allowed. You never know what kind of sneaky spy tricks the sites will use to check if you are running the software. If they do catch you with something, they can freeze your account and keep your money. The most at risk would be a program that reads the site and uses that information to provide data back to you in real time. If you are running software on a separate machine laptop they can't do much about that. In any case, it is good to learn to play without too many props since if you ever transition from online to offline tournament, none of those tools will be available so you should not become overly dependent on them.