poker call fold

One of the common mistakes of beginners is to call call call. They will call to see what happens. They will call to see if the opponent is bluffing with nothing. They will call hanging on to a piece of the flop that they caught with their junk pair. There is a name for this behavior. It is "calling station" . It is a sure way to drain your bankroll fast.
Folding a hand that caught a piece of the flop is difficult. The temptation is to stay in the hand and have a chance at winning the pot. The urge to chase the high of winning a pot must be resisted. It is like a drug. It requires discipline to say NO!. So you have to fold many hands sometimes a never ending sequence of bad hands that are not worth playing. This does not mean one would only play premium pairs. NO. Experienced players can play any 2 cards and out play their opponents and show a profit. One thing you will not see a top player do is call call call passively to the river. They are usually the aggressors betting and raising from position. One situation where you certainly don't want to get caught in a calling mode is when 2 players with big hands start raising back and forth. This is a clear indication that someone has a set or higher and your pair of AA or KK is no good. Have to FOLD. Sometimes you will fold a hand and see it improve on the turn and river. Don't worry about it. There will be better opportunity to play a made hand later. Games like poker, with the random element of luck, are difficult to master because you are not always rewarded for the best play. Knowing when you made the correct play in spite of the result is extremely difficult and will generally require the use of a simulation software tool or a good understanding of the probability of poker hands. A general rule is that if you are chasing a set, straight of flush, you want to get paid off when you hit. This means that you want lots of players in the hand and a big pot so that your wins will compensate for the times you lost. On the other hand, pairs like AA, KK QQ don't want competition. Those hands you want to thin out the field chase off contenders and go heads up. This is where position comes in. When you are playing on the button, you know how many players will be in the hand . Out of position you are at a distinct disadvantage. One of the best ways to learn poker is to observe good players commenting on their decision while playing. See our video [Game Play] section for clips of top level players explaining their thought process while they play.