Position in poker is a concept that players must be aware of. A positional advantage is sometimes worth as much as the cards themselves. So.. what is position? In poker, each player will act in turn, relative to their seating position to the dealer and the blinds. The small and big blind act first (after the flop, before the flop the under the gun player is first to act). Position is generally described as early, mid or late. If you are on the button, you are the last person to act in that round. This advantage of acting last is significant such that each player is guaranteed a chance to be on the button by rotating the position clockwise for each round. A player in early position is at a big disadvantage as they don't know how many players will be in the hand, if they raise, they don't know if there will be a reraise. This means that early position players must play very tight conservative. The late position player on the other hand has many options available to them. They can raise if they believe everyone is showing weakness allowing them to steal the blinds. They can fold hands they don't wish to play against multiple opponents (small pairs) and they can play drawing hands if the number of players in the round and the pot odds is favorable. None of which is available to the early position player. Also the bluffing chances of success are most likely from late position. Bluffing from early position is risky as there could be a re-raise if someone has a good hand. Something the early position poker player cannot know until it is too late. So what should a beginner poker player know about position? Don't limp in with weak hands limp only if you are trapping with a big pair. Don't try to bluff from early position. It is not worth it. That said, there are no written in stone rules for poker. Each situation can have an exception to a rule. If you are on a table where everyone is getting in on each hand, then you can extend your range. If all the players appear timid, you can try to bully them from any position and fold if they catch a hand and push back. You must be flexible and change your tactics as the table dynamics require. All this comes with experience. Poker is a game and as such it must be played with fun. If you are not having fun there is no point playing. The most fun you can have is when you are winning pots and busting your opponent's bankrolls. To achieve such a level, you must study and put effort into learning the tricks of the trade from the top players. Watch videos of poker gameplay in the poker video section. As you can see, some of those guys are super sharp and they are quick. There are guys(and gals too) out there that can play multiple tables faster than you can play a single table Don't worry, there will be plenty of beginners who are still learning the basics. Online poker makes it easy to enjoy the game at your own convenience and even make some money if you have a knack for it.