real money poker

Poker being a gambling game requires a stake to be of any serious consideration. Playing for fun without a stake is fine as long as it is is for practice only. Once you have learned the rules of poker and you have become comfortable with the online site you are on, it is time to deposit some money and get on a real money table. Giving your money to a site that you may not even know where they are located requires some level of trust. This element of trust can be acquired by sticking to the main established sites that have been around for at least 5 years. Most of the major established sites have been around for a good 10+ years. In addition to the security and reliability of a major site, you will also enjoy greater selection of table stakes, more tournaments, freerolls and bonus offerings. Keep your deposits and balances low. If you are fortunate to win some cash, go ahead and withdraw it just to make sure that all the procedures and systems are operating to your liking. Online poker is an ever evolving space. If the management is not kept up to par, they can go downhill and start losing customers. Founders can cash out and leave the company, acquisitions and mergers happen. Management changes, legal challenges. As we have seen with others , even a top ranked company can end up in shambles if the owners and managers are not 'taking care of business' So it is up to the players to keep a pulse on the sites see who is slipping and who is coming from behind to take market share. Recently, online poker who had enjoyed a decade of uncontested dominance in the Online poker domain, has come under new ownership. The new owners Amaya have come under some scrutiny for their revenue increasing policy changes. online pokerhas merged with BWin and branched out into sports betting casino bingo and what not. That said, online poker remains an attractive pastime for those who enjoy poker and it can be a full time job for those who are prepared to grind it out and put it in the hours. See our >>Poker Pro Millionaires<< page for a glance at what poker can earn YOU!